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Line Converter RS232-RS422Line Converter RS2343-RS422
Part No. 102-603

The line converter unit has screw terminals on the RS422 side and a 9 and 25 way connector on the RS232 side.

The built-in diagnostic loop-back test allows fast and simple setup to ensure the correct communication setup of the PC. The 3 LED's provide an indication for TX, RX and power.

Additional protection and full opto-isolation will stop surges passing through and prevents damage to the PC or connected equipment.


  • Screw terminals
  • 25/9 way cable
  • Independent power supply
  • Protection against electrical spikes and surges
  • On-board diagnostic test switch
  • Full opto-isolation protects PC motherboard
  • Converts RS232 to RS422 >15 metres <1,200 metres

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